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Benefits Of Insulating Your Garage

As a property owner, you probably understand the value of having a well-insulated home or business and have taken steps to ensure you have sufficient insulation in your walls, attic and basement. However, when it comes to one of the largest areas of your property, you may have overlooked insulation completely. That’s unfortunate because the benefits of insulating your garage can far outweigh the costs. Should you insulate a garage? Ultimately the choice is up to you, but here are several compelling reasons why you should at least consider it.

Woman applying tape to the side of the door
  • Greater energy efficiency — One of the best reasons for insulating your garage maybe how much energy you’ll save. Most people don’t think about an attached garage when it comes to the energy-efficiency of their home, but an excessively hot or cold garage can force your HVAC system to work harder. Blocking extreme heat or cold by insulating your garage can cut down on how much you run your furnace or air conditioner.
  • Protecting your belongings — Another of the key benefits of an insulated garage door and walls is the protection they provide for everything you store there. For instance, maintaining a warmer temperature inside when it’s cold outside can protect your car’s battery and make it easier to start on frigid mornings. Any precision tools or chemicals kept in your garage also may last longer and remain in better condition when you take this step.
  • More comfort — For some people, a garage is just a storage space. For others, it’s a haven where they can focus on their hobbies. Still, others depend on the garage as a base of operations for a small business. Installing insulation can make the difference between working in comfort or being sweaty or chilled. If it’s more pleasant to spend time in your garage, you may find yourself using it for more than just storing tools, sports equipment and holiday decorations.
  • A quieter neighbourhood — Depending on how you use it, your garage can be a very noisy place. Show your neighbours some courtesy by insulating it. This can help muffle the sounds of any power tools you might be using.
A photo of our garage door DIY insulation kit


Should a garage be insulated? If you’ve considered all the advantages of an insulated garage and are looking to add insulation to your space, don’t forget to include a garage door threshold seal from Garadry in your plans. By sealing any gaps between the door and the floor, our products help you get the most from your insulation and enhance whatever benefits you receive.

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