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Our commercial garage door seals are made from a heavy-duty aluminum, making them ideal for installation in premises where there is heavy traffic such as forklifts, tractors, etc. The innovative design incorporates bottom insert seals, which compress providing a tight seal against wind-driven rain water and debris. Garadry’s aluminum commercial garage door threshold seals are suitable for use with all types of garage and roll-up doors.

Providing protection underneath commercial garage doors can mean significant savings for business owners. Without a seal between the garage door and the floor, commercial garages are under constant threat from water, debris, air drafts and vermin. Water that leaks under garage doors during heavy storms or as snow melts outside can cause damage to merchandise or equipment on the floor, contribute to rust, or create conditions where mold and mildew thrive. Leaves, dust and other debris can get in and damage sensitive equipment. Cold or warm air can enter under the door and lead to increased heating or cooling bills. Rodents and insects that sneak into a garage can set up nests and eat away at equipment or products.