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Our commercial garage door seals are made from a heavy-duty aluminum, making them ideal for installation in premises where there is heavy traffic such as forklifts, tractors, etc. The innovative design incorporates bottom insert seals, which compress providing a tight seal against wind-driven rain water and debris. Garadry’s aluminum commercial garage door threshold seals are suitable for use with all types of garage and roll-up doors.

Providing protection underneath commercial garage doors can mean significant savings for business owners. Without a seal between the garage door and the floor, commercial garages are under constant threat from water, debris, air drafts and vermin. Water that leaks under garage doors during heavy storms or as snow melts outside can cause damage to merchandise or equipment on the floor, contribute to rust, or create conditions where mold and mildew thrive. Leaves, dust and other debris can get in and damage sensitive equipment. Cold or warm air can enter under the door and lead to increased heating or cooling bills. Rodents and insects that sneak into a garage can set up nests and eat away at equipment or products.

Designed to Last

GaraDry® can supply a range of commercial door aluminum threshold seals for all types of sectional and roller shutter doors. Each of the seals is extremely durable and can withstand weights from a majority of heavy industrial vehicles such as forklifts and pallet stackers. There are three models currently available in different heights and are intended for a range of uses, whether it’s for a warehouse which sees a lot of traffic or an aircraft hangar.

All of these commercial door threshold were designed by a fully qualified industrial designer and are of an unmatched level of quality. The thresholds incorporate a unique design, with PVC seals inserted into the bottom of the thresholds in order to make a more waterproof product up to the height of the seal. Once the threshold is screwed into the floor, the seals compress, creating a barrier to prevent water. The bottom seals are supplied in one continuous length meaning the threshold remains watertight across the entire length up to the height of the seal. All of our products come with a 5 year warranty which shows just how confident we are in each of the items in our catalogue.

Features of a half inch commercial door threshold seal
Installed 1/4 inch Industrial Strength Aluminium Threshold Seal

How do our Commercial Door Threshold Seals work?

These aluminum threshold seals are designed to be used with sectional and roller shutter doors, they are usually fitted underneath them providing a layer of protection against the rain. They can also be used with any types of garage doors if you would prefer that over our range of PVC garage door threshold seal kits. Because the seals are extremely durable they should be used for places which utilise heavy vehicles of any types, you can check for yourself using our Threshold Buyer’s Guide whether your needs will be met with these seals.

When you install an aluminum commercial door threshold seal they protect your premises or garage from water but not just that, they also defend you against anything that a storm can bring with it. Whether that is leaves, hail or other debris our range of seals will defend your premises from all of that and so much more. Additionally installing a threshold seal will stop the effects of condensation, such as rusting of tools and vehicles. It will also prevent water damage to cardboard boxes or wood.

Created for Industrial Use

No matter what you are hoping to use our products for they will be more than perfect for any need you may have. They were all created in order to be used with any commercial and industrial premises, for the most part they can be fitted anywhere to protect your warehouse or workshop.

Additionally, all of our seals can be combined to a potentially extremely long length as they are all made with interlocking sections of aluminum which can be joined together up to around 65’ in length. This means that if your premises are particularly large then you can always find a way to protect them.

Forklift going over a commercial door threshold seal