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Shop our range of garage door threshold seals made from a high quality, fully recyclable durable vinyl. Unlike rubber products, our material does not decay or become brittle in prolonged contact with water or lose color in extreme sunlight. Garadry® seals are secured to the garage floor using our specially developed adhesive and sealant, which provides a watertight seal between the threshold and the floor. The thresholds can also be used as a defense against rodents, insects, reptiles and more.

GaraDry® garage weather stripping fits behind the garage door to create a watertight seal to protect the interior of your garage from rainwater, floodwater, cold drafts, snow, leaves and vermin, up to the height of the threshold seal. Without a residential garage door seal between the door and the floor of your garage, these unwanted intruders can sneak through the gap and wreak havoc on your belongings. Water from heavy storms or floods can get into your garage and soak anything on the floor, contribute to rust on your vehicles or tools, and seep into cracks to damage your foundation. Leaves, dust and debris can get in and make it necessary to sweep your garage more frequently. Vermin, such as rodents and insects, can slip under your door and take residence inside your garage.

Protecting against these threats with garage door weather stripping from GaraDry® is easy because our products are engineered to meet your specific needs — regardless of size or garage type. Our residential garage door seal kits are available in ¼-inch, ½-inch, 1-inch, 1¼-inch, 1½-inch and 2-inch sizes to fit virtually any type of garage door.

Garage Door Threshold Seals Designed to Last

GaraDry® has created the best garage door threshold seals in the business, with a variety of different heights and lengths to suit any garage doors. Ranging from ½” all the way up to an impressive 2” height, there is no water that will get past these seals. They are made to be used with up-and-over, sectional, roller shutter, and side-hinged doors so you have nothing to worry about when buying them. Every single one of our garage door threshold seal products has been created using flexible PVC material, which is also durable and won’t crack or discolour like the cheaper rubber seal alternatives you can find on the market.

We are very dedicated to satisfying our customers and therefore have put a 5 year warranty on all of our products. We are confident in the durability and lifespan of our products. All of the products on our website were designed by a fully qualified industrial engineer, you can find out how the design process started and went by clicking here. We have added warning strips which you can see on the garage door threshold seals in yellow, these were a consideration with safety in mind to provide a clear warning for anyone stepping over the threshold, preventing trips and falls.

A diagram showing off the features of a 3 quarters garage door threshold seal
The Garadam 2 inches garage door flood barrier stopping water

How our Garage Door Threshold Seals protect your garage

Our products are not only easy to install but are also extremely effective at keeping your garage clean and dry throughout the entire year. When you install them behind the garage door, pressed up against the back of the closed door, you will create a water barrier that protects your garage against wind-driven rain. When the garage door threshold seal is bonded to the floor with the GaraDry® adhesive & sealant it creates a watertight seal up to the height of the threshold which will then prevent water from making it’s way inside the garage.

The simplest way to explain how our products work is to watch the video found here, this will show you how the seal is installed and how simple it is. There are also other videos on our YouTube channel which show off our products so if you are interested simply click on the channel link and you’ll be greeted with all sorts of videos from experiments to customer showcases.

During the pandemic people started converting their garages into gyms, workshops and home offices. Our seals helped in those cases as putting a garage door threshold seal down can minimise and prevent water damage from condensation. Additionally any garage that has holds a lot of metal items inside will be glad that due to reducing condensation the seals can significantly slow down rusting.


GaraDry® Accessories & Adhesive to Help Installations

Every garage door threshold seal comes with 2 foam blocks and adhesive to install our products. This is because we want you to have the easiest time installing all of our products. The foam blocks can be used for older sectional garage doors with open tracks, to prevent water from running around the sides.

The image on the right side shows how the adhesive is supposed to be applied with two parallel lines and an unbroken zigzag in between which is the best way to keep the seals stuck to the floor. Once you have made those lines and applied the garage door threshold seal to it, this will create a watertight seal which will protect your garage from water up to the height of the seal. Our GaraDry® adhesive & sealant is resistant to all temperatures ranging from -40°F and +194°F, so whether you’re experiencing snowstorms or hot summer months the adhesive will be sticky as always.

There are also foam side blocks available and there are also blocks designed to work with the ‘Garadam’ which are indented compared to the square blocks that come with all of our garage door threshold seals. You can view both in our adhesive & accessories category. You can also buy a skeleton caulking gun in order to apply the adhesive should you not have one available to yourself.

Man placing a garage door water barrier on the floor with GaraDry adhesive