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How To Avoid Condensation In Your Garage

There are various reasons why your garage floor may feel wet or damp, but condensation is one of the more common causes. Condensation happens when warm, humid air meets the cold concrete floor. Concrete can also be porous, allowing moisture in the ground to work its way up through the slab. This process known as ‘sweating’ can add to the condensation to make the floor wet and damp.

garage doors rain water

One of the most effective ways to prevent condensation forming on the floor is by lowering the humidity of the air inside the garage with a dehumidifier. Investing in a quality dehumidifier can be a great option but it is important to account for ongoing running costs when using one for prolonged periods.

A more cost-effective solution is usually to prevent humid air and moisture from entering the garage in the first place. The main entry point for moisture into a garage is under and around the garage door. Rainwater can often seep under the rubber gasket attached to the bottom of the garage door. It is not usually possible for garage door gaskets to be completely watertight, resulting in water getting into the garage after a storm.

An ideal solution for preventing driving rain from getting under the door is to install a garage door floor threshold seal. A floor-mounted threshold creates a watertight barrier behind the door to stop water ingress. In addition to preventing driving rain, a threshold seal also stops leaves and debris.

water in garage

Avoiding excess moisture will help to prevent mold formation in your garage which can be a costly issue to resolve along with creating a health hazard. By implementing these solutions and Improving the atmosphere inside the garage you will be able to use your garage space to its full potential.

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