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How to turn your garage into the ultimate home office

With more people working remotely than ever before, we’re seeing garages converted into home offices becoming a growing trend. In order to make the most of the space though, you need to have a few essential factors covered. 

In this blog post, we share our top tips on how to transform your garage into a fully functional workspace, including:

  • Making sure the garage is well insulated for year-round temperate regulation 
  • Ensuring that the garage is watertight to protect everything inside 
  • Kitting the space out with some ergonomic furniture
  • Smart storage solutions to keep the space clutter-free

Make sure your garage is fully insulated

If you’re going to enjoy the space, be able to do your best work in there and stay comfortable for prolonged periods of time when tackling your to-do list, temperate control needs to be in check.

Ensuring your garage is well-insulated will make you stay warm and cosy during the colder months and cool when the sun is shining outside. 

You can keep your garage insulated by installing some insulation fabric on the back of the door but also by staying on top of any cracks or gaps that appear in windows or around door frames to prevent draughts from coming in. 

Make sure your garage is watertight

As well as ensuring your garage stays warm in the winter and cool during the summer, it’s also super important to take measures to prevent any water damage. This is particularly crucial when the garage is being used as a home office to protect valuables like laptops, computers and furniture. 

Again, repairing any gaps, cracks or damage is vital when trying to keep water and moisture out of the space but a garage door seal is also an absolute must-have. This will provide a watertight seal between the threshold and the floor, keeping water out and enhancing the security of the space. 

Check out our range of residential threshold seals to keep your home office dry  

Invest in some ergonomic furniture 

Just because the garage isn’t part of the main property doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in good quality furniture - especially when it comes to your physical wellbeing during long work hours. 

Protect your musculoskeletal health with an office chair that is designed to support your spine and natural muscle function and consider a height-adjustable desk that will allow you to switch between sitting and standing during the day. 

Also related to this is the quality of indoor air and lighting. Make sure you’re maximising all opportunities to let natural light in to prevent eye strain and headaches. Also, ensure fresh air can circulate around the space freely by regularly opening the garage door and windows. 

Be savvy when it comes to your storage

You know what they say about a tidy desk and a tidy mind… You can’t possibly do your best work when you’re surrounded by disorganised clutter so invest some time and energy into making sure your storage system is in check. 

We’d recommend looking into some overhead ceiling storage to keep things like old paperwork, power tools and Christmas decorations out of sight and out of mind while you work.  

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