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A Guide to Seasonal Home Maintenance in America's Soggiest Cities

Navigating the Winter Deluge

As winter tiptoes in, the anticipation of heavy rainfall casts a shadow over cities across our homeland, this presents a unique set of challenges for homeowners. This comprehensive guide delves into the idiosyncrasies of the USA’s wettest cities, unravels the distinct home maintenance hurdles posed, and offers in-depth solutions to fortify your home against the unyielding onslaught of our winter storms.

Americas Wettest Weather Cities

In the United States, the cities receiving the most precipitation annually don't necessarily boast an exceptionally high number of rainy days. Among the 56 largest urban populations, Buffalo and Rochester, New York, experience frequent days of rain or snow. However, and perhaps not so surprisingly, Miami and New Orleans take the crown for the most annual rainfall.

Buffalo and Rochester, with over 165 wet days a year, rank high in frequency. However, they rank 30th and 37th, respectively, in total precipitation, showcasing that it's not just about the number of rainy days but the intensity of the storms that you may need to prepare for. For example, New Orleans, receiving over five feet of rainfall annually, surpasses all major US cities except Miami, despite having fewer wet days!

The rankings are based on severe rain or snowstorms that drop substantial precipitation in a short time, emphasizing the importance of addressing the challenges posed by intense weather events. The data spans from 1991 to 2020 and encompasses the 56 most populous metropolitan areas in the United States.


Wettest USA Cities in Winter

Amidst the winter chill, some cities face an increased deluge, making home maintenance an important task, often not considered until it's too late…

  • Seattle, Washington: Renowned for its signature drizzle, Seattle experiences substantial winter rainfall, averaging around 6.20 inches in December. The Pacific Northwest's climate is characterized by a consistent, albeit gentle, downpour during the winter months, necessitating homeowners to adopt robust maintenance strategies.


  • Portland, Oregon: Winter in Portland is synonymous with persistent rain and intermittent storms, boasting an average rainfall of approximately 5.74 inches in December. This calls for a proactive approach to home maintenance, particularly in fortifying vulnerable areas such as garages against potential water damage.


  • New Orleans, Louisiana: Despite its warm climate, New Orleans encounters substantial winter rainfall, averaging about 5.53 inches in December.


  • The juxtaposition of a vibrant city and the challenge of managing rainfall underscores the necessity for robust home protection measures.


  • Mobile, Alabama: Situated on the Gulf Coast, Mobile contends with a considerable winter rainfall average of around 5.55 inches in December. This region's susceptibility to tropical storms accentuates the need for homeowners to fortify their properties against potential flooding and water damage.


Home Maintenance Challenges in Wet Climates


Living in these wet climates presents unique challenges for homeowners. The risk of flooding and water damage becomes particularly high during winter storms, necessitating a comprehensive and proactive approach to home maintenance.


Garage Door Seals for Flood Protection

One potent solution for preventing water intrusion is investing in high-quality garage door threshold seals. These seals act as a formidable barrier, keeping rainwater and potential floodwaters from infiltrating your home through the garage.


Image of a garage door seal

Tips for Choosing Seals in Wet Climates

Opt for seals with superior water resistance, crafted from materials engineered to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture. Also worth considering is the year-round climate - let's consider Buffalo, we mentioned the 165 days of average rainfall, but this is concertinaed between uncomfortably warm and humid weather during summer and the up-to 92 inches of snowfall annually - so your threshold needs to have a high degree of tolerance to survive. You would be wise to regularly inspect and replace seals to ensure optimal performance, especially in the face of winter snow melt.


Seasonal Maintenance Tips

To shield your home during the wet winter months, consider adopting the following seasonal maintenance tips:

  • Clear gutters and downspouts to facilitate proper water drainage, mitigating the risk of water pooling around the foundation.

  • Inspect and maintain your roof for leaks and vulnerable spots, addressing issues before they escalate during winter storms.

  • Ensure that your garage door seals are in impeccable condition, addressing any wear or damage promptly to fortify your home against potential flooding.

  • Elevate valuables in basements or lower levels to minimize the risk of water damage, particularly in areas prone to winter storms.

Real-Life Examples

Homeowners who successfully navigated winter storms in these cities have implemented a number of preventative measures, with  garage door seals noted as an integral part of their flood protection strategy. 

Weather-Responsive Home Design:

Consider incorporating weather-responsive elements into your home's design, recognizing the critical role that garage door seals play in creating a weather-resistant barrier. A strategic approach to home design can significantly contribute to the overall protection of your home against the relentless winter elements.

Technology for Flood Prevention:

Delve into the latest technologies designed to enhance flood prevention, such as smart sensors that alert homeowners of potential water intrusion. Staying abreast of technological advancements allows you to proactively safeguard your home against the evolving challenges posed by winter storms and heavy rainfall.

Community Engagement:

Share your own experiences or seek advice from your local community. Establishing a collective network of support empowers homeowners facing the challenges of winter weather in the wettest cities. Engaging with your community and exchanging ideas provides a platform for shared insights, fostering a collaborative approach to home maintenance.


As winter approaches, empower yourself with knowledge and practical solutions to weather the storm. By focusing on seasonal home maintenance and investing in flood protection measures like garage door seals, you can ensure a secure and resilient home in even the wettest winter cities. Embrace the challenges posed by winter storms as opportunities to fortify your home against the elements, ensuring a safe haven for you and your family throughout the winter months.

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