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Does a garage need to have windows?

The short answer to this question is no, it’s not entirely necessary for a garage to have windows. A garage can be completely windowless and still perform many of its functions perfectly well. 

However, there are a whole host of advantages of having windows in your residential garage and in this blog post, we’ll explore what they are and why, including:

  • Letting more natural light into the space
  • Enabling more effective ventilation
  • Making it easier to transform the garage into an additional living space

The benefits of garage windows 

If you’re wondering whether or not to install windows into your garage, here are some great why you might choose to do so:

Let there be (natural) light

If you want to use the garage as more than just somewhere to house your power tools and old paint tins, windows are the way forward as they’ll allow you to fill the space with more natural light. 

Not only will this make for a more pleasant interior environment, it will also help you cut down on utilities as you won’t have to rely on electrics every time you need light. 

A breath of fresh air 

Another benefit windows bring to a garage is effective ventilation and a great source of fresh air to circulate around the space. 

Ventilation is particularly important if you’re going to convert the space into something like a home office or gym. Having windows for ventilation means you can comfortably work or workout in the space without having to open the whole garage door when the indoor air gets too stuffy.

This is also advantageous if you plan to use toxic products in your garage like paints, varnishes or cleaning chemicals. Windows mean you can ventilate the space quickly, easily and securely as you work. 

Make yourself feel more at home

Facilitating things like more natural light and ventilation means that the garage instantly becomes more multi-purpose. When a garage has windows, it’s much easier to transform it into an additional domestic space that is comfortable, liveable and versatile.

With the right design features, a home garage can become way more than just storage; when transformed, a renovated garage can add significant value to your property. 

When selecting the style of windows you want in your garage, we’d recommend opting for an aesthetic that compliments the rest of the property so that it seamlessly blends with the existing exterior. 

Read more about our tips on how to turn your home garage into an extra living space >

If you are going to have windows in your garage, it’s important to make sure that you stay on top of any cracks or damage to the window panes and sills to avoid things like damp, draughts and mould. 

It’s also super important to ensure that the garage is secure and weatherproof. One of the most effective ways to do this is to install a garage door threshold seal to close the gap between the garage door and floor, and keep out water, wind and debris.  

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