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We all know that space is at a premium, and with house prices continuing to rise, renovating and repurposing a second garage is a great opportunity to add extra value to your home, and increase functionality.

Here are just a few ideas on what you could use your second garage for:

Recreation Room

For those who love to play poker why not install a small mini-bar and a poker table? For those movie fanatics, a film projector and sound system can transform a spare garage into a home theatre.

Man playing pool on a green pool table

Indoor Gym

We all know how difficult it can be to get to the gym 3 times a week when we have work, family, and daily chores all competing for our time. An indoor gym in your garage will make it easy and convenient to fit in a couple of workouts a week. The space is perfect for a rowing machine, cycling machine, punchbag, and other compact gym equipment.

Recording Space

Are the neighbors complaining about your band practice? Is there just too much noise? A spare garage is a great space for practicing your music and does not take too long to convert. Sound panels are relatively cheap and easy to install and can really transform the space into a good venue for practicing and recording. For those who want to create the ultimate band practice space in their garage, please see our previous post.

Microphone placed in a garage with photos of the Beatles

These are just a few examples. For those who love arts and crafts the garage can easily be turned into a creativity studio. For those who love their craft beer, why not create your own microbrewery! The possibilities are endless, but make sure you insulate the garage door and install a weather seal at the bottom to ensure the garage can be used all year round!

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