Your garage takes up a sizeable portion of your home’s square footage, yet often this is an under-utilized space, with many Americans not making the most of their garage’s potential. Below are a series of strategies proven to work, that will improve your garage and make it an invaluable part of your home.

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  1. Declutter: A simple strategy, but probably the most important. Your garage will never reach its full potential if it is stuffed with old junk you will never use or need. Whilst it can be time-consuming, holding a yard-sale will help you get rid of any unwanted items, and raise cash that can be used on the further improvement steps below.
  2. A new garage floor: Epoxy floor coatings are durable and stain resistant, helping to protect the concrete and provide a uniform look to the space.
  3. Utilize all storage space in the garage: Often people tend to store possessions on the garage floor in piles, or in boxes. Neither of these strategies uses the space well or allows for easy access when needed. Installing garage shelving will allow larger items to be stored away, whilst pegboards and magnetic stripping on the walls will allow tools and garden implements to be easily stored, whilst using the minimum of space. But what about those items you do not use often, but still need to be stored? Overhead storage racks allow you to make the most of the vertical space in the garage and are a perfect way to store out-of-season items.
  4. A garage door threshold seal: Water, rain, dust, debris and vermin can cause problems in a garage if they are left unchecked. It can lead to tools, possessions and the door itself becoming damaged, and lead to expensive repairs. A well installed garage door threshold seal will help form a watertight barrier and prevent you having to clean up your garage each weekend.
  5. Increase functionality: If you haven’t done so already, now might be the time to upgrade your garage and install an electric opener. The convenience these devices provide more than compensates the cost.
  6. Maintain your garage: Every couple of months you should give your garage a quick once over. Check that your garage door is well lubricated and that no damage or rust has occurred. If so, deal with it before it becomes a bigger problem.

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