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How to Keep Pests Out of The Garage

If you live in the Southeastern United States — including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, etc. — you know there’s no offseason for pests. Insects, mice, rabbits and snakes have their run of the outdoors all year, thanks to the warmer climate. When severe weather strikes, many of those pests seek shelter anywhere they can find it. The last place you want these critters setting up housekeeping is in your garage, where they can cause serious damage to your belongings and property. Ensuring these unwanted houseguests stay out of the garage is of the utmost importance for homeowners anywhere, but in the Southeast especially. If you’re concerned about keeping these garage pests away from your property, here are some tips you should follow.


Most pests look for places where they can hide easily and have easy access to water. You can make your garage less inviting to these pests by removing clutter from the floor, cleaning any spots where moisture collects, and fixing any leaks in pipes or ducts. Minimizing their opportunities to hide will help keep these pests out of your garage. You also can eliminate potential food sources for pests by keeping your barbecue grill clean and making sure your garbage cans are covered at all times.


Even the smallest crack in a wall or door is an opportunity for pests to infiltrate your garage, so it’s imperative that you take a look around for these cracks and holes on a regular basis. When you find any around your garage, make sure you seal them with caulk or another appropriate type of sealer as soon as possible. Repair holes in screen doors whenever you find them, as well.


If you notice signs of pests such as cobwebs, wasp nests, sawdust or droppings in or around your garage, it might be a good idea to call a professional pest removal service. This is especially important if you believe you may have larger pests such as mice, rats or snakes, as these pests can be aggressive and carry diseases. Having pests eliminated by professionals can help you have a clean slate to start from when shoring up your garage’s defences.


Although your garage door is one of the most important defences you have against vermin and other pests sneaking into your garage, any gaps between it and the floor make it virtually useless. Even a fraction of an inch can be all mice, insects, lizards or snakes need to take shelter in your garage. That’s why a garage door seal is a crucial element of keeping your garage safe from pests. For example, a garage door threshold seal from Garadry can provide full protection by creating a virtually impenetrable vinyl or aluminium barrier that completely seals the garage door. Although anyone with basic DIY skills can install one of these thresholds easily, choosing the correct seal for your garage door is essential. Our online buying guide can help you find the product that’s right for you.

Keeping pests out of your garage is a year-round job in the Southeast. However, with a little diligence and a few tips and tricks, you can make sure that the Southeast’s pests don’t become permanent residents.

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