How to safely store power tools in a residential garage

Garages aren’t only great places to charge an electric vehicle or even start your own rock band, they’re also the ideal organisation space for power tools. 

Previously, we’ve shared our advice on the best ways to store holiday decorations in the garage but in this blog post, we are drilling down (pun totally intended) into the most effective ways to safely store power tools in a residential garage. 

Keep reading for some handy tips and tricks on how to safeguard your power tools from weather damage, pests and theft, and how to safely keep them out of harm’s way when not in use. 

Make sure the garage is well weatherproofed

You don’t need us to tell you that power tools are expensive so it’s vital to protect your investment from weather damage such as rain, humidity and frost. 

Water and humidity can rust power tools - not to mention, cause a severe electrical hazard - and freezing temps can cause plastic parts to become brittle and snap. 

One of the best ways to weatherproof your garage is by installing a good quality threshold seal to prevent rain and water from getting in. You could also consider installing a heater in the garage to ensure it stays warm when temperatures outside plummet. Also keep the space well ventilated to reduce humidity during the warmer seasons. 

Install some garage storage 

When storing power tools in your garage, we’d always recommend installing a secure cabinet that can be locked. This will reduce the risk of the tools being stolen and help keep the garage tidy. A pegboard or shelves that power tools can be hung from neatly and safely is also another great option. 

Another alternative is overhead storage - this will help keep the garage clutter-free, stop any children or animals from coming into contact with dangerous equipment and help prevent water damage by elevating tools off the ground. 

If security is your main concern, you could also consider installing a garage alarm system to deter thieves and give yourself peace of mind. 

Take measures to stop pests invading

A garage that isn’t well maintained can become a hotspot for insects and vermin that have the potential to damage your tools. Nobody wants a mouse nibbling through their power cable! 

So, to prevent this kind of damage happening, it’s important to prevent any unwelcome critters paying your garage a visit. This includes installing a robust garage door threshold seal, not storing food in there and regularly repairing any cracks or gaps. 

For more advice on this topic, head over to our blog post dedicated to garage pest control tips and tricks.

Remove batteries and chargers when tools aren’t in use

Last but not least: always remember to remove any batteries and chargers from your power tools when they’re not in use and store them separately. 

Not only will this double down on safety measures when you’ve got pets or young children roaming around, it will also extend the lifespan of the tools and make them significantly less appealing to potential thieves. 

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