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Overhead garage storage: the unsung hero of decluttering

If we were to walk into your garage right now we’d probably see boxes all over the floor, some wall-mounted shelving and a whole lot of clutter, right? 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most of us could be doing way more to optimize our garage storage system, especially when it comes to taking advantage of overhead space - an opportunity most of us have overlooked for far too long. 

In this blog post, we take a look at:

  • Why overhead storage isn’t a more common solution 
  • The benefits of garage ceiling storage 
  • Your different overhead garage storage options 

Why isn’t garage ceiling storage a more common solution?

Some of the reasons why overhead storage is still a bit of an unsung hero are because:

  • With our busy lives and addiction to device screens, many of us rarely look up these days so for most people, it’s just a case of not noticing what’s right under their noses (or above their heads!) 
  • People are unaware of the options that are available to them in the overhead storage market. 
  • Some might think it would be costly to implement but this certainly doesn’t have to be the case. 
  • Hard to reach? That’s what ladders are for, right? Plus, you’d likely be storing things up top that don’t need to be accessed as readily as things tucked away on wall shelves or floor boxes anyway. 

The reality is that overhead garage storage is an awesome way to maximize the space you have available, declutter your shelves and free up so much more floor space. But that’s not all - let’s now take a closer look at the advantages of introducing ceiling storage into your garage. 

The benefits of having overhead storage in your garage 

Here are some of the main reasons why introducing an overhead storage system in your garage is a great investment: 

  • Increase your storage by putting under-utilized space to good work.
  • Reduces the risk of water damage should you experience flooding or leakage in your garage. 
  • Making your floor space more tidy and organized reduces trip hazards and other safety risks. 
  • You can take more from inside your home and store it away in the garage so your main interior can be decluttered in the process too. 
  • Power tools, sharp objects and toxic products can be stored higher up, out of the reach of children and pets. 

What types of overhead garage storage are available?

In the realms of ceiling storage, there are all sorts of fancy gadgets and systems that you could look into like pulleys, hoists and tracks. However, for those wanting to keep things more simple (and budget-friendly) here are some other great options: 

Overhead storage racks - a solid, streamline way to double down on your garage space around the perimeters of the ceiling. 

Tiered storage racks - to create double-decker storage in the center of the room. 

Storage hooks mounted on the ceiling - quick, cheap, easy to install and take up minimal space. 

Ceiling-mounted storage hangers - a more robust version of hanging storage hooks. 

Even though your belongings will be stored up high with overhead storage, it’s still vital to insulate your garage and install a weather seal to make sure everything inside stays protected all year round.  

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