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Tips and tricks to keep pests away from your garage

If you’re not careful, the next time you open the door to your garage, you may very well find more than just dripping paint pots and old bicycles in there. 

This is because your garage is actually a rather appealing hotspot for local pests and animals to build their own nests. Without meticulous maintenance, you could find your home garage quickly becomes a 5-star AirBnB for the likes of rats, mice, spiders and other bugs. 

In this blog post, we share our top tips on how to make sure the only creatures and critters that find their way into your garage are the ones you’ve given an Access All Areas pass to, including:

  • Evicting any current trespassers humanely.
  • Carrying out necessary repairs and maintenance.
  • Keeping your garage clutter-free at all times. 
  • Doing some damage control to halt future intruders.

Ged rid of any pests that are currently taking up residence 

If you suspect that there might already be some insects or animals hiding out in your garage, you’ll need to get rid of them to first prevent them breeding and exacerbating the problem. 

We’d recommend researching reputable pest control companies in your local area who will be able to deal with your situation in a humane way. 

Do some necessary repairs and maintenance to cut of access

Whether you’ve got preexisting pests to deal with or not, repairs and maintenance need to shoot straight to the top of your priority list. There could be cracks, holes and crevices all around your garage that become a revolving door for your unwanted guests. 

Give things like window panes, window frames, doors, corners and the roof a thorough once-over to make sure everything is fully intact. 

Keep your garage free of clutter and debris 

As mean as it sounds, this is all about making your garage as inhospitable as possible. Pests love things like old fabric, discarded cardboard boxes and general mess because it provides them with the perfect way to get cosy incognito. 

Streamline your storage and keep your garage tidy to make it as unattractive an environment as possible. This includes any food you might be storing there, including things like bird seed and sacks of dried pet food. 

Put other measures in place to prevent pests coming in

Once you’ve done all the required repairs and maintenance and evicted any existing pests, you should also carry out some additional damage control to prevent any further issues occurring. This might include things like reducing smells that might attract animals and using a dehumidifier to reduce the warm moisture pests are on the hunt for.  

This also includes making sure that the gap between the bottom of your garage door and the floor below is well-sealed with a sturdy threshold to prevent giving pests easy access. 

Check out our range of garage door threshold seals to protect your home from uninvited visitors. This is also a fantastic investment if you want to boost the overall security and weather-proofing of the space. 

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