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Garage Leaking Water at Floor Level

Identifying the source of a water leak inside your garage can be a challenge as there are several problems that could be the cause. It is important to inspect carefully for leaks and follow them back to their source as they may originate in an entirely different part of the garage.

Siding or Cladding

It is not uncommon for the siding or cladding on older garages to develop small leaks which allows water to run down the walls and onto the concrete slab. While it is possible to perform spot repairs on siding, it usually makes sense to go for a full replacement to avoid future leaks.

garage siding

Water Runoff

Proper management of water runoff from the garage roof and walls is needed to prevent water leaking through to the foundations. Installing adequate guttering and drainage around the garage will help to carry the water away from the base of the structure to prevent leaks.

water runoff

Expansion Cracks

It is possible to find water pooling inside the garage if the concrete slab has come cracked and damaged due to poor installation or thermal expansion. This can be made worse if the water table is high in the area. Specialist concrete sealants can be applied to any cracks or seams to alleviate this alongside proper drainage around the foundation wall.

Driving Rain

Rainfall can penetrate the gaps between the garage door and the fame, especially if the property is subject to a strong driving wind. This type of water ingress is often visible as staining on the inside of the door or the frame itself. Driving rain can be prevented from entering the garage by installing high quality weather stripping around the door. A threshold seal mounted directly behind the door on the garage floor will also prevent runoff from a sloping driveway.

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