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How do I keep my garage dry?

Having to clean your garage after heavy rainfall and storms can be time consuming, and the damage done to the contents of your garage can result in expensive replacement costs for vehicles, tools, and appliances rusting due to the damp atmosphere.

Below we will outline the main reasons for water entering the garage and detail the best solutions.


The main entry point for water into the garage is under the garage door. Installing a garage door threshold seal can create a watertight barrier under the door, preventing the entry of wind-driven rain, flood water, snowmelt, debris, leaves, dust, and vermin. The threshold seals are the most effective type of weather seal as they are glued to the concrete and therefore prevent the water from seeping underneath, which is a major problem of the gasket type weather seals commonly found on the bottom of the garage doors. Installing a threshold seal from GaraDry will create a barrier that keeps your space dry, clean and climate controlled. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your garage from a flood.


Blocked or clogged gutters and downspouts will cause rainwater to pool around your garage and infiltrate in. Keeping these clear will ensure that water is effectively removed away from your garage and minimise the potential for water entering the garage.


If you live in a flooding-prone area, or your driveway slopes the wrong way, causing water to run towards the garage, flood barriers might be the best way forward.

Sandbags can be piled to make a flood barrier, expanding when wet and stopping more water but they are only useful around 3 sides of the garage. As sandbags cannot be driven over, a better solution for the driveway would be to use one of GaraDry’s flood barriers, available in 1 ½” or 2” high. Not only can these divert a substantial amount of water, but they are also glued in place and work all year round as the durable vinyl material is unaffected by temperature changes and water. Please feel free to contact us if you require further information about these high useful anti-flooding devices.


Buildings will shift and move over time, and this can result in cracks forming in the concrete base. Walk around the entirety of the garage and check for any damage to the concrete. Even small cracks are a problem as water will expend when frozen, forcing the cracks further apart and increasing the amount of water that can enter. If the cracks are small, waterproof paint or a concrete sealant will be enough to resolve this, otherwise get a concrete crack filler from your local hardware store.

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